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Lucy Westlake From Naperville Is On Way to Climb RuthLess K2

Lucy Westlake is set to create a new record by climbing K2 in Pakistan. She is one of the youngest mountaineers in the world. She has been setting a record for herself since a very young age. And to this day, nothing stops her from attaining her goal. The Naperville Native has successfully climbed the highest peaks in the world, including Mt. Everest. However, her goal is yet to be fulfilled.

K2 is one of the hardest peaks to climb in the whole world. Many even consider the mountain to be more difficult to climb than Mt. Everest. But, with determination, as she has always had, Westlake is in the best interest of people worldwide who are rooting for her victory.

Youngest Mountaineer in the World

American Moutaineer Lucy Westlake on k2

Lucy Westlake has amazed her country by climbing the lower 48 U.S. state high points at 12. She went to conquer this mission with her dad. The dad and daughter duo became successful in doing so. This helped them achieve the title of “the youngest father-daughter team” to climb the lower 48 U.S. state high points. Besides this, Lucy is also the youngest female worldwide to have attained this success.

While Westlake has always made sure that she proved herself with her determination and love for mountain climbing, she did not stop after being labeled the youngest female to climb the lower 48 U.S. state high points. She went on another mission in 2021 at 17 and climbed the highest point in all 50 U.S. states. She set another record as the youngest female mountaineer to summit the peaks. The 17-year-old succeeded in doing so alongside her dad for the second time.

Youngest American Female to Summit Mt. Everest

Lucy Westlake became the first youngest American female to summit Mt. Everest at the age of 18. She climbed Mt. Everest without her dad by her side. The Everest is the highest peak in the world. Hence, Lucy has done her country and everyone else who knows about her pride. Lucy Westlake’s climb to Mount Everest helped her gain the confidence to initiate her climb to the most ruthless and savage peak in the world, K2.

Lucy Westlake Ready for K2

Lucy Westlake Ready for K2

Westlake is all set to conquer the second-highest peak in the world, K2. The mountain stands tall at 8,611 meters (28,251 ft) above sea level. The 19-year-old will start hiking on June 20, 2023. On her way, the young mountaineer will be joined by guides and mountaineers from ages 19 to 25. Besides this, she will take along a Sherpa, Mingma, who will stay by her side throughout her climb.

Lucy Westlake aims to climb the K2 this year in every way she can. With high hopes and positivity, Westlake shared that she did not want to conquer the summit with speed. Lucy wishes for the climb to be successful at the end of the day rather than anything else. Moreover, mountains are never predictable. You never know what may happen in the peaks. Besides, K2 is known for its brutality. Henceforth, the young summiteer remains prepared before she starts her hike toward K2.

Lucy Westlake Explorer’s Grand Slam

Lucy Westlake Explorer’s Grand Slam

Becoming Explorer’s Grand Slam means one has to be able to summit the highest peak in all seven continents and ski the last degree to both the north and south poles. Lucy dreams of becoming the youngest person to get the Explorer’s Grand Slam title.

Including Asia, she has conquered the highest peaks in North America, South America, Europe, and Africa. Considering these factors, reaching her goal is not very far anymore.

Today, only 70 people have successfully gained the Explorer’s Grand Slam title. The youngest person was Marin Minamiya, who became one at the young age of 20.

Lucy Westlake Climb for a Cause

Westlake is a very young person with a strong heart for what she loves, which is summiting through the highest peaks in the world. But, she is not just a young person wanting to fulfill her dreams though it is part of what she does. Westlake has a cause that she wants to fulfill with her climbs. She has been climbing to collect snow and ice samples from the mountains she summits to provide to scientist Dr. Ulyana Horodyskj Pena for research purposes.

Such research aims to investigate black carbon and ice mass loss from the Arctic and Himalayan regions. Furthermore, the young summiteer has been helping a non-profit organization, WaterStep, with her work in providing safe and clean water by raising awareness among the people.

Westlake is rooting to show every young girl and woman worldwide that there is no reason to stop and that one should break all the stereotypes set for females and keep moving forward.


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