Mount Toubkal

Do You Need Crampons For Toubkal?

You need to put on your crampons when you hike up to Mount Toubkal, but only during the winter season. It ensures your safety while you are climbing up those slippery mountain trails covered in snow.


Can You Climb Toubkal In A day

Located at an altitude of 4,167 m, Mt Toubkal is the highest point in North Africa. It is a part of the Atlas mountain range and is located in southwest Morocco, roughly 60 km south of Marrakesh. Being a non-technical summit, it is an all year around the trek. However, if you want to experience a winter hike, trekking to Mount Toubkal from November to April is your best option. The mesmerizing vistas of the Atlas mountain range from the peak make the summit more enduring and memorable

Winter trek

Do you need a guide for Toubkal?

Trek to Mount Toubkal during the winter seasons is very popular because of the scenic snowy views along with the very low to no requirement of expertise. The high atlas covered in the blanket of snow, and the windy atmosphere are very thrilling to most of the trekkers.

Winter trek begins from November to April, inviting many enthusiastic trekkers to mark the snowy trails with their crampons. This trek provides a great learning experience for winter mountaineering skills. Although there is heavy snow and storms, they are usually short-lived.

It is without saying that trekking during the winter is ten times more challenging than other periods. You have to pass through a mixed ground of snow, ice, and rock as well as several undulations and troughs. to reach that 4,167m altitude. You can expect conditions that can be below -20 with very strong winds, thick snow, and a great deal of ice. Equipment like crampons and ice axes are the basic requirements when you are travelling in such conditions.

Use of crampons

How Long Does It Take to Climb Mount Toubkal

While climbing through the slippery mountain trails, crampons act as traction devices that help us to firmly walk on snow and icy pathways. The use of crampons prevents falls and other accidents.

Knowing how to use crampons is an important mountaineering skill. Crampons fit into your mountaineering boots. It takes some getting used to because walking on crampons is very different from walking in hiking boots. It’s crucial to maintain your feet slightly apart as it prevents them from grabbing your pants.

Along with how to use them, it is equally important to know when to use them. When the snow becomes much firmer, when the snow level increases, and when it’s getting much harder to walk past the snow, you need to put on your crampons.


Where is Mount Toubkal Located?

Winter trek to Mount Toubkal is the most wonderful experience, and if you decide to go on it, don’t forget your pair of crampons. You might require some fundamental knowledge of how to use crampons to properly climb to the summit.

A pair of crampons will save you from a great deal of harm and provide you with a wonderful trekking experience to Toubkal.

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