How Many Countries Have the Himalayas?

The Himalayas, which means home of snow, is Asia’s picturesque and legendary mountain range. It is the highest mountain range in the world, homing some of the tallest peaks. Mt Everest, Nanga Parbat, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, Makalu all live here in this range. Now the question is, how many countries have the Himalayas?

It spreads across China, Bhutan, India, Pakistan, and Nepal. In total, five countries in Asia have the Himalayas. The tallest part of the range is in Nepal on the northern side. Likewise, the Himalayas is on the southwestern side of China.

The Himalayas, one of the youngest mountain ranges, is around 2,400km long across the five countries. Its westernmost mountain is Nanga Parbat of Pakistan. And Namhca Barwa, a peak in Tibet, is the easternmost peak of the range.

The Himalayas in Nepal

The Himalayas in Nepal is the most popular section. It begins at the Kali River in the west and runs until the Teesta River in the east. The mountain range is about 800 km long, running east to west on the country’s northern side. Most of the mountains of the range in Nepal are on the border of Nepal- Tibet. As said earlier, the Himalayas in Nepal is the tallest section. Mt Everest(8848m), Mt Makalu(8485m), Mt Kangchenjunga(8,586m), Dhaulagiri(8617m), Annapurna I(8091m), and Manaslu I(8,163m) all abode here. The trek through Nepal to the Himalayas is one of the best experiences.

The Himalayas in Tibet

Tibet is the autonomous part of China, which touches the Himalayas thoroughly. The Himalayas starts from Nanga Parbat in the northwestern part and runs until Namcha Barwa. Both parts border Tibet. Almost the Himalayas is about 2450 km long across Tibet. The width of the range in the region is also vast, 200-350 km. Mt Everest, the tallest peak in the world, lies on the border of Tibet and Nepal. People can touch the mountain from the Tibetan side. Likewise, Shishapangma(8,027m), the 14th tallest peak in the world and the last eight-thousander, is entirely in Tibet.

The Himalayas in India

The Himalayas do exist in India as well. It ranges in the country’s northern side—the seven states of India abode in the Himalayas. In India, the Himalayas begin from Shivaliks and goes until the Tibetan plateau. Kanchenjunga, the third tallest mountain in the world, lies on the border of Nepal and India. The other notable peaks of the Himalayas in India are Nanda Devi(7,816m), Trisul(7,120m), and Kamet(7,756m). Trekking around India along the Himalayas in India is always unique. The mountains are not tall, but they are beautiful.

The Himalayas in Bhutan

Bhutan is a country located in the eastern Himalayas. Landlocked by India and China, Bhutan is a land of the virgin Himalayas. None of the portions are climbable; mountaineering is a big no in Bhutan. Yet, the peaks in Bhutan are above 7000m and are truly exquisite. Trekking across the country is the only option to experience the Himalayas in Bhutan. The country is an off-the-beaten country for trekking experiences.

The Himalayas in Pakistan

Last but not least, the Himalayas also have their part in Pakistan. Nanga Parbat, a peak in Pakistan, is the northernmost side of the Himalayas. Compared to Nepal and India, Pakistan’s Himalayas are not vastly popular. However, the country houses mouth-opening peaks such as Nanga Parbat, Rakaposhi, etc. The best way to unravel these peaks is via the Karakoram and Hindukush highway.

This is what we have for your question. We guess much of your answer is covered. The Himalayas is one of the best things to happen to Mother Earth. It is just a magical place to see the art of making by the makers. So if you ever get a chance to see the Himalayas, don’t say no.

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