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How Much Does It Cost To Climb K2?

K2 is one of the most dangerous mountains one could think of climbing. Many mountaineers have attempted to climb the second-highest peak in the world but have failed miserably. While many summiteers visit Mount Everest every year to climb up the peak, there aren’t as many people who have the courage or the access to Mount K2.

However, this does not mean that acquiring that kind of victory is impossible. If you are a mountaineer looking to climb Mount K2 and need some guidelines for the trip there, you are in the right place! In this article, we will be answering a curious mountaineer’s question as to how much it cost to climb K2.

How much does it cost to climb K2? Everything you need to know

How much does it cost to climb K2?

Climbing K2 will cost you from $8,000 to $70,000. Prices vary for different types of climbers. But, you need to bear in mind that if you are a young traveler who does not have as much experience in mount climbing, then you should carry a lot more than an experienced mount climber may need.

The cost includes everything you must pay for, like fooding, lodging, services, guides, and more. The facilities you will find in this area are only as convenient as you pay for them. If you are a beginner in mount climbing and have carried only $15,000, then you may end up regretting it. Because you will not only need the facilities that are already easily available to you, but you will also need a guide who will be there for you in times of need while ascending. You will also have to bear the expenses of these guides, which makes the spending all the more heavy on you.

Therefore, if and only if you are an experienced climber, you can take a minimum of $8,000 to $35,000. If not, it is wise to carry enough money that may go up to $70,000.

Royalty fee to the Pakistani Government

It was decided in July 2022 that an individual is to pay a royalty fee of $12000 for international expeditions. This is quite compulsory for every foreigner, and one needs to take along some extra beyond his traveling fees just to be smart and wise about his or her trip.

Cost to climb K2 for Professional Climbers

Lucy Westlake Ready for K2

If you are a professional climber, you may need to take along $8,000 to $15,000. However, since you won’t need a guided tour, you can easily make it out from the trip with the former amount.

But, before you get confident about the amount, here are a few guidelines you need to remember, even as a professional climber wanting to climb K2.

The peak fee for the climb is $7200, which will likely cover at least a team of 7 people. However, an additional $2000 will be required for additional group members. The permit will cost you $5400. Likewise, there is an environmental fee of $38 and a service fee of $300.

While you may or may not need it, when ascending the most dangerous mountain in the world, you will likely need rescuers in case of any mishaps. Therefore, you must pay a refundable fee of $10,000 as a rescue bond. If not used, you will be given the whole amount back.

Likewise, a team 7 should pay $2000, with a $1,500 deposit per head. This is not all for the costs, though. Your team will need a Pakistani Army “Liaison Officer” (L.O.) to travel with. Hence, you must cover the Liason Officer’s food, equipment, and allowances. $1.50 for a meal and $14 per person for housing are likely.

As for the flight, you must pay around $2000 round trip (from the United States).

Assuming an experienced guide will not need any gear or equipment as they will likely own them already, you will save $10,000. Likewise, you can cut costs by hiking from the south side of the mountain in Pakistan than the northern side in China. If you choose the latter route, this will cost you only half of what it might.

Cost to climb K2 for a guided tour

Mt. K2 Climbing Routes

If you are not a professional, you will surely need a guided tour in K2. Hence, it is only wise to carry up to $70000 when you’re at it. You cannot climb up K2 without a guide if you are a beginner and do not know the basics of mount climbing. Because the mountain is the most violent, steep, and remote in the world, it is not suggested that you travel alone.

There are companies that are likely to charge you very high for facilities like internet access in the base camp, HAPs (high altitude porters), an ample supply of oxygen, and just as many Sherpas.

But then again, you can be a beginner and save money by going for a mid-range operator. While expensive companies will charge you from $60000 to $70000, you can travel with just $35000 with these mid-range operators. Remember that the mid-range operators aren’t locals, and they will provide you with lesser Sherpas and oxygen, as will the expensive companies.

In the same way, if you are looking for only guides to tour you throughout the trip, minus the extra facilities, you can go for Sherpas or locals in the place for only $ 15,000. If you are not a foreigner or a foreigner who can communicate well with the locals, there is an added cost benefit for you.

Besides this, you need to remember your weaknesses before climbing Mount K2. If you haven’t yet climbed a mountain above 8000 meters, you should not attempt to go there without a guide. Instead, you can simply climb the mountain at a higher price range. Always remember that until and unless you know what it is like to climb higher altitudes, you have to save yourself from the cruelty of the mountain and your unawareness by getting more Sherpas and oxygen and a trustworthy rescue team!

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