Mount Toubkal

How Much does It Cost To Climb Toubkal?

Mount Toubkal is the highest mountain in Morocco and possibly one of the highest worldwide. There is barely any mountaineer worldwide who has not heard of this peak. However, there are many things a person with the motive to summit the peak must keep in mind. One of the major things to remember when climbing Toubkal is the cost of going to the peak and traveling around Toubkal.

In this article, we have written everything you need to know about the cost of climbing Toubkal. Make sure you stick with us till the end to know more!

How much does it cost to climb Toubkal?

How Much does It Cost To Climb Toubkal

If you want to know how much it does cost to climb Toubkal, you have two options on you. You can either simply just hire a guide in Imlil itself, or you can get a traveling agency to get you all the costs covered in a package. Either way, you get to choose the services that you want, but most package deals come with unavoidable services as well.

Prices vary according to what you are looking for. If you limit the services you want and the quality of what you want to get, you will pay way cheaper and vice versa. Remember that prices can go just as high with what you choose to buy.

In conclusion, the cost you will be paying, or should make sure to separate, would be 400 and 500 euros per person. While the prices may be anywhere in between this, the budget is all that you will need to go and return from Toubkal. If you are mindful of how much you spend, you can spend only 300 to 400 euros. Whatsoever, how much you spend on the trip totally depends on you as well, and the prices just might go up in such cases. Hence, it is always wiser to carry along a little more than your actual budget!

What costs should I bear to climb Toubkal?

How Long Does It Take to Climb Mount Toubkal

Office of Mountain Guides of Imlil can help you find the perfect package for your guide, fooding, lodging, and more. The Office of Mountain Guides of Imlil is a certified firm providing their customers with experienced guides and porters who can speak fluent English along with very healthy food and ambiance. Moreover, you will also be getting a package deal from a rescue team who are experienced at rescuing travelers while also providing them with trustworthy CPR any time it becomes necessary.

Mules and personal cooks are one of the best features that you don’t have to search around for when you get service from the likes of the agencies above. However, the main focus, which is the price, can go high when you are taking service from them. Make sure that the services fit your budget. But then again, it is wise to spend a lot and be safe and comfortable rather than being unsafe and spending less.

It is not, however, a compulsion, and you can hire guides and buy services from locals in Imlil as everyone in the area is waiting to serve mount climbers in Toubkal.

Do you need to pay for a guide in Toubkal?

Where is Mount Toubkal Located?

Toubkal has been climbed without guides several times. But should you be that reckless? There was an incident when two Scandinavian travelers were brutally murdered on the mountain. This incident has made it crucial for people to rely on guides.

In fact, besides just your safety concerns, there are at least three police checking points to check whether you are with a guide or not when you are in Toubkal. In Imlil, you will not have difficulty finding a good guide. Everyone in Imlil works as a mountain guide, and trustworthy and reliable guides will aid you in the area.

Furthermore, these guides are experienced, and you will not have difficulty stranding on a stranger mountain. There have been cases where travelers have been stranded without guidance, but such is never the case with a local guide.

Guides will approach you in Imlil, asking you to take them along to the climb to Toubkal. They are all knowledgeable, and it is up to you to bargain prices with these guides. Reaching the top of the mountain becomes easier with someone from Imlil guiding you!

How much do you need to pay for a guide in Toubkal?

Is Mount Toubkal Young Or An Ancient Mountain

You will have to pay around 400-700 MAD for a guide in Toubkal, which amounts to 38-66 euros. You don’t have to hire a guide solely and can share a single guide with others. This way, you will get the service and the benefit of saving some bucks. Overall, paying for a guide varies mostly on their experience and demand. But there are alternatives where you can bargain with them and come to a decent yet well-paying amount.

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