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Muhammad Hawari Bin Hashim Reportedly Dead After Went Missing

The world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, has always attracted numerous climbers globally. Every year hundreds of people attempt to scale up this mighty peak; some successfully conquer it, while some meet with failure. Among them, some climbers are enthusiastic about setting records. There are distinguished categories where climbers work to set records in their names. Some of them are the fastest time to scale up to Everest, youngest climber, oldest climber, climber without oxygen, and many others. Malaysian climber Muhammad Hawari Bin Hashim was not from the group. Instead, he was a deaf-mute climber who climbed Mount Everest with a disability.

However, his Everest expedition did not come well. He was previously reported missing and is now called dead. So what happened to him, and how did he get lost on Everest? Let us find here the details about his expedition and more!

Muhammad Hawari Bin Hashim in History-Making

Muhammad Hawari Bin Hashim in History-Making

Muhammad Hawari Bin Hashim became the first Malaysian deaf-mute mountaineer to scale Mount Everest and set a new record on May 18, 2023. Hashim started his final summit push the same day he reached the top. He climbed with a Penang flag with a message that even differently-abled people can climb the tallest peak in the world.

According to Nivesh Karki, Director at Pioneer Adventure, Muhammad Hawari Bin Hashim conquered Mount Everest around 3:30 pm. He further mentioned, ‘He has become the first-ever physically challenged Malaysian to rise high on Mount Everest.’

Hashim climbed with a support of a professional guide, Chatur Man (Chakra) Rai, who led him to the top of the world.

Muhammad Hawari Bin Hashim Missing Case | Is He Dead?

Though Muhammad Hawari Bin Hashim successfully climbed Mount Everest and set a record, it is sad that he has not come into contact. According to the initial reports, Hashim had gone missing since May 19, a day after reaching Everest.

The Director at Pioneer Adventure, Nivesh Karki, mentioned that Hashim had descended to Camp IV. But after that, he is not seen and labeled missing since then. Talking about the incident, he further responded, ‘When our mountaineering guides went for a rescue operation for another Malaysian climber who had become ill from Camp IV, Hawari went missing.’ He added that the rescue team has been searching from Camp I to IV; however, no traces of him have been found.

Hashim was a part of four climbers team, out of which only he was the one to reach the top of Everest. The expedition was launched under the supervision of Ngaa Tenji Sherpa & Mingma Dorchi Sherpa, directors at Pioneer Adventure. Malaysian Police Officer, Ampuan Yaacub, fell unwell and died at Camp IV, and two other climbers were rescued from Everest.

The Nepal Mountaineering Association has issued the highest number of Everest Climbing Permits this year, with 478 approved permits. All the expeditions that went in vain were conducted in the peak mountaineering season, Spring. But the results are contrasting as it led to more Everest deaths than usual. Climbers from around 65 countries seek these permits, of which 15 climbers have already lost their lives. This is the highest rate of mortality in a single season on Everest.

Who Is Muhammad Hawari Bin Hashim?

Muhammad Hawari Bin Hashim Missing Case | Is He Dead?

Muhammad Hawari Bin is a Malaysian climber who reportedly died on Everest on May 18. He is the first dead-mute climber from Malaysia to scale Mount Everest.

The climber was 33 years old when he took on the Everest Expedition. His campaign started in May with a successful ascent to the mountain. However, after descending to Camp IV, he has gone missing. The search party is still ongoing, but no traces have been discovered.

Hashim is a native of Kepala Batas, a district seat of North Seberang Perai, Penang, Malaysia. He is married and is a father of two kids. Whether Muhammad Hawari Bin Hashim is only missing or dead is still unknown. But with such a long period of being undiscovered at such altitude, he is considered dead.

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