Tohakum Peak, Nevada USA (8182 ft)

Tohakum Peak is a mountain peak that is a part of the Lake Range. The Tohakum Peak lies in Nevada, USA, at an elevation of 2494 meters. The mountain is the highest point in the Lake range. It is close to the Pyramid Lake of Nevada and borders it in the east. The name of the mountain Tohakum supposedly means the hare of a white rabbit. The peak was occupied for a survey back in 1877. Folklore says that a prospector had struct gold while working near this peak in the 1880s. It is believed he buried USD 250000 of gold ores two miles near at the north tip of Pyramid Lake.

The peak is not as popular as other peaks within the Lake range. It is not widely commercialized or documented. However, it is still a great destination for hiking and climbing. The peak gives hikers an opportunity to explore an untouched or relatively less traveled place. The hike up the mountain takes you through a combination of various landscapes. You’ll start walking through the desert scrub and reach the alpine flora. Exploring such a diverse ecosystem could be the highlight of hiking this peak.

Due to its height and lack of crowd, the Tohakum Peak has become more distinct. It can be seen through various other peaks in the northern region of Nevada. There is a freeway in downtown Reno from where this peak is greatly visible. The freeway lies around 50 miles away and is separated by two mountain ranges in the southwest from Tohakum Peak.

Tohakum Peak, Nevada, USA

You will also be blessed with views of other peaks if you decide to hike or climb up the Tohakum Peak. On a day with a clear blue sky, mountains like Mt Lassen and Mt Grant can be seen from the summit of Tohakum Peak. The summit of the peak houses a register from the environmental organization, the Sierra Club. Along with that, printouts of peaks along with their compass bearing that can be seen from the top are kept. People sign in the register after summiting the peak. The register of the Sierra Club shows most people climb up this peak via the north or the east slopes.

Various routes to Tohakum Peak have various offers in its store. Almost all these approaches are considered class two with a 50’ high class 3 at the summit section of the peak. One of the toughest routes to the peak is considered the route via the beach at Pyramid Lake. Then, you ought to walk up the Hell’s Kitchen Canyon to reach the peak. Despite this route being the toughest, it’s the best one for wildlife exploration. This route allows you to watch wildlife up close as sightings of pronghorn, wild horses, shore birds, and mule deer are often available.

Climbing the peak and hiking a few distances is always a challenge. The same applies to reaching the summit of Tohakum Peak. However, the stunning views from the peak make the whole journey worth it. You get vistas that reach far over the massive great basin and even nearby to Pyramid Peak.

The peak, as mentioned before, is a prominent region in the region and lies within rugged terrain, and is rich in natural beauty. It is a great place to hike and a great practice for mountain climbing. Anyone can reach the peak’s summit, but you need to make some well-needed preparation for it. Time of climb, permits, culture and people of the region, etc., are some things to keep in mind.

There is a certain permit you need to camp anywhere inside the periphery of the Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation area. They cost around USD 7 to USD 10, and you can find them at the Smokeship in Wadsworth. You can also find them at the Nixon store or certain places in Sutcliffe or Reno. After the permits, you can camp in the area of Tohakum Peak. For the latest info on the permits, you could contact the Pyramid Lake Ranger Station.

Another essential element to cover is understanding the timing of your climb. You can climb the peak with mild snow that extends up to a day’s worth of hiking in winter. This will make up for a suitable climb if you do not want to gear up for winter alpine hikes. We do suggest walking with waterproof boots and gaiters in case there is snow. Summer hikes, on the other hand, require you to get well-hydrated. The desert part of the hike gets quite dry and hot as the evaporation rate is high during summer.

You might find some water in springs around the area of Hell’s Kitchen Canyon. But make sure you carry some on your own as a caution. The early spring and autumn months in themselves are always a great time to go on hikes and climbs. This time of the year, the walk will be smooth without any muddy puddles or pests. Plus, your views from the summit will be unrestricted and quite mesmerizing.


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You also need to look into the culture of the places you are traveling. The location of the peak is within the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe Reservation. During your climb, you might need to follow specific regulations for cultural considerations. These small considerations and research should be well made, and you’ll be good for your Tohakum peak hike/climb.

Tohakum Peak, Nevada, USA, is a symbol of the untamed beauty of the wilderness of its state. It might not be as popular as its neighboring peaks. However, the authenticity of the place makes this peak an alluring and daring challenge for explorers. The peak gives a memorable experience to explore a less explored region of the American West.

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