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What Mountain Range’s Highest Peak Is Mount Toubkal?

Mount Toubkal is located in Morocco near Marakkesh. It is situated in one of the world’s most famous mountain ranges, The High Atlas mountain range, which is the home of Mount Toubkal and many other mountains in Morocco.

The High Atlas, or Haut Atlas(in French), or the Great Atlas, goes northeastward from the Atlantic Coast for 460 miles (740 km) to the Algerian border. This mountain range has mountains above 12000 feet and 3000 meters. If you want to know more about the mountain range with Mount Toubkal’s highest peak, you should read this article. Read until the end to learn in-depth about the Great Atlas and Mount Toubkal!

What mountain range whose highest peak is Mount Toubkal?

Many mountaineers and enthusiasts have been curious as to what mountain range and whose highest peak is Mount Toubkal. The answer would be the High Atlas or the Great Atlas. The mountain range gets its name from the Greek character Atlas. The mountain range is high and fierce and known all around the world. Mount Toubkal is the tallest and highest peak of this mountain range.

From the west side of the Atlantic Ocean, the mountain range stretches towards an eastern path to the Moroccan-Algerian border. The Anti-Atlas range is in the southwest, and Marrakech is in the north of this mountain range. Jbel Toubkal, or simply Toubkal, is located in the High Atlas range and stands as the tallest peak, as aforementioned, at 4,167 m (2.589 mi; 13,671 ft). The mountain is located in the Toubkal National Park. Unlike many other mountains located in the High Atlas range, the Toubkal National Park guards Mount Toubkal, and not everyone has access to it unless they fulfill certain criteria in case of being a tourist and a ticket system is also there.

Furthermore, Mount Toubkal, the highest peak in High Atlas, does not have a base camp. Hence, Imlil serves as the base camp for Mount Toubkal’s visitors.

High Atlas range

High Atlas range

The High Atlas mountain range is probably one of the most endearing features of Morocco. An impressive factor about this mountain range is that it protects the whole Moroccan region from weather barriers as it mounts between Morocco and the Sahara desert. It snows till the spring season in the northern faces of the High Atlas, and one of Morocco’s most popular and main ski stations, Oukaïmeden, is located in the High Atlas range.

This mountain range is also a base for multiple rivers that flows to the north. Likewise, many rivers perish to the south and plateaux to the east. The main climate in the High Atlas range is the Alpine climate, among which the two types are:

Continental semi-arid or steppe climate

The rocky mountains in the United States are quite similar to the Continental semi-arid climate of the High Atlas range. You can find the presence of this climate in the southern part of the Central High Atlas, going from Toubkal to Imilchil and the entire of Oriental High Atlas down of Imilchil.

There are variations in the temperature of the continental semi-arid or steppe climate. Agriculture is possible in some of the localized areas with steppe climates. And, it would not be wrong to say that this climate has served many livelihoods in the Moroccon area.

Oceanic climate

When Was Mount Toubkal Measured

This climate stretches north and south of the Western High Atlas, including the northern part of the Central High Atlas from Jbel Toubkal to Imilchil. These regions are quite humid in comparison to the steppe climate. The rainfall in this climate, on average and annually, is 600 and 1,000 mm (24 and 39 in). The drought in this climate is very high. This has made it hard for the people to make a livelihood in the area. There has been a reduction in annual precipitation, overuse and exploitation of trees due to construction and heating, and overgrazing of herds.

Subdivisions of Atlas Mountain Range

Subdivisions of Atlas Mountain Range

There are three subdivisions of the Atlas Mountain Range which are:

Eastern High Atlas

The Eastern High Atlas provides headwaters for the Moulouya River. The subdivision is located in the area where it joins the pre-Saharan zone.

Central High Atlas

The landscapes in Central High Atlas are similar to that of Colorado in the USA. It has steep plateaux, canyons, box ravines, and occasionally degraded peaks, which is also why the landscapes relate to Colorado.

Western High Atlas

The Western High Atlas is visible from Marrakech. One of the endangered primates in the world, the Barbary macaque, or Macaca sylvanus, is found in the Western High Atlas.

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