Where Is Huascaran Volcano Located?

Huascaran volcano is the tallest volcano in Peru. It is situated in the Cordillera Blanca which is east of the Peruvian Yungay town. The peak stands tall at the height of 22,205 feet (6,768 m) above sea level. Not only is the volcano the tallest in Peru, but it is also the tallest tropical mountain in the whole world and the fourth-highest mountain in all of South America. The peak is an extinct volcano and has been in an inactive state for the longest time known.

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Where is Huascaran volcano located?

What Kind Of Volcano Is Huascaran

Huascaran volcano, at a height of 6768 m, is located in the east of the Peruvian Yungay town, which is in the Ancash Department. Moreover, the mountain is in the western Andes. The highest summit is the Southern summit, also known as Huascaran Sur, among the other peaks of the Huascaran. The southern summit is the tallest among the northern Andes (north of Lake Titicaca) and also the highest tropical mountain in the whole world, which is also a reason why the mountain is so popular all around the world.

The Huascaran volcano rises from Huashco village, which is also where it gets its name from. The name has also been recorded to be first called by the people of the Huashco village in the 1800s. However, the people called the peak Huascan at the time. The name was kind of also inspired by a term that means rope in Quechua. The mountain holds significance for the people living in the village as well as the Yungay town, as it has been there for the longest time. Though the people or mountaineers did not quite know about the mountain at the earliest of time in comparison to their knowledge of the other mountains in South America, this mountain emerged millions of years ago and has been known to the locals ever since.

The Huascaran volcano is also known as Twin Peaks by the people living in Peru.

Is Huascaran a volcano?

Is Huascaran an active volcano

Yes, Huascaran is a volcano. As of the current time, the volcano has turned into an extinct volcanic mountain. The volcanic mountain no longer has any potential to erupt. The peak has snowy caps at the top, while the lower parts of the mountain are quite rocky. Since the mountain has been covered with snowy glaciers, the mountain is also famous as the White Mountains all around the world.

Huascaran has become one of the most attractive sites for tourism, especially mountaineering throughout Peru as well as South America. The volcano also consists of a high deposit of Cenozoic granite, which further proves it is a volcanic mountain. Another interesting fact about the mountain is that it is the summit with the least gravitational force on the face of Earth, with an acceleration of 9.76392 m/s2.

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