Where is Mount Kailash? The Routes to Reach Mount Kailash

Mount Kailash, which scientists claim to be the Centre of the world, spreads across the borders of both India and Tibet. This majestic mountain lies around remote and forbidding areas and is known for its high altitude in the Himalayas. It is a tall mountain, around 6,638 m (21,778 ft).

It also is known by its different names, like Mount Meru in Buddhist texts and Kang Rinpoche in Tibetan texts; the peak lies near Asia’s highest lakes, Mansarovar and Rakshastal. It is one of the jewels of the Himalayas, made of black rock, covered with white snow, and surrounded by stunning rugged and dry landscapes.

Mt Kailash’s name is derived from the Hindu god Shiva; with this fact in mind, many people think that Mt Kailash lies inside the Indian Borders. This may surprise you, but it is located in the western region of the Tibetan Plateau at the Kailash Range in the Trans-Himalaya. Moreover, the mountainous region is near where China, India, and Nepal meet. This being said the mountain is less than 100 km (62 miles) north of the western trijunction border of Nepal with India and China.

Mount Kailash holds great importance as it is considered one of the sacred mountains in all four religions, Hindu, Buddhist, Jains, and Bon(Tibetan). Many devotees of all religions travel here yearly to pay their respects to the mountains.

They believe doing this will bring them good luck and compensate for any bad things they’ve done. However, the pilgrimage journey to Mt. Kailash is not easy, especially if you want to travel it in one day, completing the journey of 52 km/32 miles on foot.

Generally, it takes three days to complete the pilgrimage trek to Mt Kailash. And the interesting fact here is that Jain and Bon’s religious followers walk around counterclockwise, whereas the Hindus and Buddhist pilgrims walk about clockwise.

We will discuss more about Mt Kailasha and its mysterious facts here, so keep reading.

Where is Mt Mount Kailash, also known as Axis Mundi, Located?

Where is Mt Mount Kailash, also known as Axis Mundi, Located

Mount Kailash rising 6,638 m (21,778 ft) in height, lies in the Ngari region in far western Tibet. The peak is 955 kilometers from Tibet Central Lhasa and 617 kilometers from Nepal’s side if we go from the Kerung border. Moreover, if you go by air, you must land at the only airport, Ali the Gunsa Airport. This airport is about 330 kilometers far from Kailash Mansarovar.

Mountain Kailash, which is believed to carry many mysteries, lies on the plateau of the remote Tibetan region. It has a unique pyramid shape of black diamond-shaped rock and is said to be hollow from the inside. Moreover, this mountain facing all four directions is considered a holy site and is believed to cast positive energy in all orders.

Mt Kailash is also known as the Axis Mundi (axis of the universe) because it lies in the center of the world. Moreover, where Mt Kailash lies is believed to be where heaven connects with the Earth.

If we check the Google map, the peak lies 6,666 kilometers from Stonehenge in the UK. And the interesting fact here is that the Kailash Range is also around 6,666 kilometers far to the North Pole.

Likewise, the peak lies 13,332 kilometers from the South Pole, double the distance from the North Pole or Stonehenge in the UK.

The peak is now known as one of the most mystical places on Earth. It is also believed that this mountain connected other mystical world sites like Stonehenge, Mexico’s pyramids, the North Pole, Easter Island, etc., eventually forming a global energy grid system.

Has Mt Kailash Been Climbed?

Has Mt Kailash Been Climbed?

Surprisingly, No Mt Kailash, much lower in height than the tallest mountain Everest, has never been climbed. This mountain is like a mysterious place that prevents climbers from climbing. Moreover, the more surprising fact about the mountain is that no one, even the scientists, has been unable to explain what’s happening in Mt Kailash.

You may think, is Mountain Kailash unclimbable? or has No one ever tried to climb it? It is not that no climber has ever attempted to climb the mountain. Several climbers, all trained and experienced from around the world, have tried it, but unfortunately, they all have failed it.

Why has Mt Kailash not been climbed yet – Scientific reason?

Why has Mt Kailash not been climbed yet - Scientific reason

There are no scientific reasons to claim why Mt Kailash has not been climbed yet. It is beyond scientists’ understanding to tell what is happening at Mt Kailash.

However, scientists have often referred that Mt Kailash is not a naturally made mountain; in fact, Mt Kailash is a man-made Pyramid later covered in snow. This being said, Russian scientists, in 1999, researched and found that the peak of the mountains is a giant human-made pyramid from ancient times.

They also found that Kailash, known as the city of gods, was made during the advanced civilization period with the knowledge of the laws of the torsion field and how to manage them.

Mt Kailash Parwat – Religious Sentiments

Mt Kailash Parwat - Religious Sentiments

Devotees in all four regions (Buddhist, Hindu, Bon, Jain) believe that the god resides in the mountain. And one should not think of offending the god by putting their feet on its slope, whether the person is a pilgrim or any climber. Moreover, Buddhist devotees believe that the only person reaching the top of Mt Kailash is the Milarepa(the Buddhist champion). And other people who have tried to reach the top have either died or been lost mystically.

Mt Kailash carries great importance in all religions, so the Tibetan government does not issue any permits for climbers to climb the mountain. Likewise, they also have strict rules for every devotee and tourist visiting to avoid any activities offending religious sentiments.

The Routes to Reach Mount Kailash

Mt Kailash is a sacred place of over a billion people from all four religions and possibly the holiest mountain in the World. Traveling to Mt Kailash is not hard. Many well-served routes from Kathmandu, china, and Kashgar take you to Mt Kailash. Moreover, you can also book a tour with local agencies in Kathmandu to make your journey easier.

Route From Kathmandu:

The Routes to Reach Mount Kailash from Kathmandu

Route from Kathmandu to Mt Kailash is one of the most popular and favorable, especially for those who want to travel to Nepal first and then to Mt Kailash. Your Kathmandu to Mt Kailash routes start from the Sino-Nepal border at Rasuwa Fort. After crossing the border, you must route toward 214 County Road in the north via Shigatse Prefecture, which eventually takes you to Saga. After reaching Saga, you should reach the Darchen through th G219 National Highway and Lake Manasarovar. Darchen, also known as the gateway to Mt, Kailash, is a small Tibetan Town. You will now cross the Darchen, which eventually takes you to Mt Kailash.

Instead of taking a road trip, you can also fly from Kathmandu to Overland via Lhasa. This route is best for those who want to tour the land of Lahsa. From here, you will continue your tour to Mt Kailash and pass through many places like Gyantse, Kumbum, Shigatse, Saga, Paryang, and Darchen.

Route from From Kashgar

Kashgar city- oldest city of Kashgar Prefecture, Xinjiang, China

The route from Kashgar from the north to Mt Kailash is a harder journey than Kathmandu, requiring more stamina and dedication. If you take this route, you will have to spend many days driving through the highway.

The route from Kashgar north to the south of Mount Kailash is an adventure that will take you around 1,549 kilometers across China. If you want to shorten your trip from Kashgar, you will need to drive for 31 hours continuously.

The road from Kashgar follows the highest route in the World Xinjiang Tibet Highway. You must drive through this route and reach Xinjiang via the Quanshui Lake, Aksai Chin (the boundary line between China and Tibet).

After crossing the border, you will reach Tibet. Here you need to turn south and pass through Rutog County, along with the Bagong Lake and Marion La Pass at 4,725 meters. From here, you will go towards Darchen via Gar County and Burang County.

Route From Mainland China

The Routes to Reach Mount Kailash From Mainland China

This route is one of the best for Mt Kailash, especially if you want to visit Lasha first and then Mt Kailash. You can get to the mountain from Mainland of China in two ways, by air or by train.

Your travel option to reach Mt Kailash by air or train can change your overall experience here. If you take a train, the best place to start your journey to Mt Kailash is from Xining, the capital city of Qinghai Province.

You can also choose other starting points like Shanghai and Beijing to experience the unique Chinese culture and traditions. Moreover, these starting points are great for people who wish to learn more about Chinese history and ancient culture.

For people wanting to fly by air, you can choose your starting points from Chengdu, Shanghai, Xining, and Beijing to Tibet. Moreover, you can combine trains and flights from Xining to make your journey more memorable.

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How can I get Visa To Reach Mt Kailash

How can I get Visa To Reach Mt Kailash?

Normally Indian citizens do not require any visa if they travel from Nepal. However, other travelers must obtain a 15-day multiple entry visa, which they can use at Nepal airport.

To travel to Tibet, a valid passport is required for Indian and other travelers, with a minimum validity of 6 months. The Chinese government only issues a group visa; to get that, you need the help of a travel agency.

Why is Mount Kailash unclimbable?

Mount Kailash is low in height compared to the tallest mountain Everest. No climber has reached the peak till now. The main reason why Mount Kailash is unclimbable is due to its great religious importance in Tibetan Buddhism and Hinduism. They said you should not set foot on the mountain because lord Shiva (in Hinduism) and Demchok reside there.

Why is Mount Kailash in China?

Past 500-1000-year history says that Mt Kailash did not belong to India from the first part. In fact, Nepal in early 1900 had a brief control over the mountain, but they lost their control to China in 1972 during the Sino-Nepal war.

Mount Kailash is a sacred mountain and is very special because it is believed that this Mountain is the center of the world. Simply say, Mt Kailash is the point where Earth and Heavens meet.

What is Mount Kailash Mystery?

Mountain Kailash should not be climbed because it is sacred to Hinduism and Tibet Buddhists. They believe their god resides there.

According to Hinduism, this is where lord shiva lives, and stepping into the mountain means trespassing on the purity of Mt Kailash.

Is Mount Kailash man-made?

According to the researchers, Mount Kailash’s large summit is a man-made pyramid created in ancient times. The peak is surrounded by other small mountains numbering around 100. Moreover, preliminary estimates that the direct high of the pyramid complex ranges between 100 and 1,800, near the height of the Egyptian pyramid 146 meters.

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