Mount Toubkal

Where Is Mount Toubkal Located?

Mount Toubkal is a mountain in The Great Atlas and one of the highest in the range. It is located in Morocco. The mountain is 40 miles (60 km) south of Marrakech in the High Atlas (Haut Atlas). The peak is (13,665 feet [4,165 meters]) tall. Mount Toubkal is inside the Toubkal National Park, and it is simply the major and most sought attention of the national park.

Moreover, not only is the mountain the tallest in the Great Atlas range, it is the tallest throughout Morocco. The breathtaking view of Toubkal Mountain comes with great alpine forests and juniper meadows, which adds to the beauty of Mount Toubkal.

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Where is Mount Toubkal Located?

Where is Mount Toubkal Located?

Mount Toubkal is located in the Toubkal National Park in Moscow, home to the most beautiful Atlas mountain range, otherwise known as, The Great Atlas. Mount Toubkal is one of the most guarded areas in Morocco. Hence, not everyone can access it without paying a certain fee. While a lot of people have curiosity about where is Mount Toubkal located exactly, when you visit the National Park of Toubkal, it would not be hard to find the mountain and ascend it. The mountain is part of the Toubkal National Park package if you want to climb it.

Toubkal is a volcanic mountain converted into a rocky wall with a hint of alpines and junipers.

What is the largest mountain in Morocco?

How hard is Mount Toubkal to climb?

The largest mountain in Morocco is Mount Toubkal. The peak stands tall at the height of 4,167 meters tall. The mountain makes for an amazing expedition experience, given that it is the tallest mountain in North Africa and, of course, Morocco. Moreover, it is the highest mountain among all the other ones located in The Great Atlas.

It makes its name as the tallest mountain in North Africa as it exceeds the height of over 1,500 meters above sea level.

What mountain range is Toubkal in?

When Was Mount Toubkal Measured

Toubkal Mountain is in the Great Atlas range in the northwestern part of Africa, also known as the Atlas Mountains. The group of mountains makes up for a great view around Toubkal. The high Atlas range is possibly one of the major chains of mountains in the whole world. And there are not many mountain ranges that can top this one.

The Atlas Mountains extend 2,500km across northwestern Africa, rounding Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. Furthermore, the mountain range separates the Atlantic and Mediterranean coastline from the Sahara Desert. The mountain range has various wildlife, climates, and exclusive terrains.

The mountain range all falls inside the Toubkal national park in Morocco. One of the most special things about the Atlas mountain range is that Morocco’s highest seven mountains are in the range itself. Likewise, another interesting fact about the range in which Mount Toubkal is that it is named after the great giant in Greek Mythology, Atlas.

What is the location of Mount Toubkal?

Route And Acess To Toubkal

While we bet your answers to where Mount Toubkal is located have been answered, we also have something for you to know about the location of Mount Toubkal. Mount Toubkal is situated not only amongst the snowcapped rocky mountains, but it has greenery and, to add to the beauty, a great range of wildlife in the area. The Toubkal National Park has successfully managed to save the lives of many birds and animals who were on the verge of getting extinct. Likewise, you will find creatures in Toubkal rarely found anywhere else.

Likewise, Mount Toubkal does not have a base camp. But it is guarded by a community in Imlil. The town of Imlil was only created with the motive of protecting Toubkal National Park and accommodating the tourists and travelers who visit Mount Toubkal or the national park itself. Imlil is a home for many who have given their life to preserving Toubkal National Park and Mount Toubkal. Hence, you will find trustworthy portals and guides in the area.

Can I trek to the peak of Mount Toubkal?

How Hard Is Mount Toubkal

Mount Toubkal has a fairly attainable height of 4,167 meters. Many mountaineers have taken the trekking experience over the years, and many have successfully ascended Mount Toubkal. The mountain in Morocco may be the highest in all of North Africa, but it does not make it impossible to climb.

If you have the right gears, and enough practice to make it to the top, you can summit the peak with not much difficulty. It is wise to climb the peak between April and June when the weather is favorable for the climbers. However, going there between Mid June and the earliest of September might not be the best idea for climbers because of the slippery slopes of the mountain. The mountains are not in their best state or favor of the climbers during monsoon.

However, other months to ascend the peak would be after the mid of September and around November. Winter expeditions are not as convenient if you are a beginner or simply an adrenaline junkie. Experienced mountaineers can go for an expedition in winter only if they are known of the weather conditions and familiar with the situations of Mount Toubkal during the season.

First Summit of Mount Toubkal

Toubkal National Park location

Marquis de Segonzac, Vincent Berger, and Hubert Dolbeau climbed Mount Toubkal for the first time on 12th June 1923. However, this is only the ascent that has been recorded to date. It has been assumed that the mountain had been ascended a long time ago by the tribesmen in Toubkal, but this was not recorded at that time.

Likewise, there has been evidence of dinosaurs as fossils of the extinct creature was found in Toubkal. This also proves the fact that Berger and Dolbeau really may not have been the only living creatures to have gone up the heights of 4167 meters just a century ago.

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