Shiva Dhara: The Mysterious Gem of Eastern Nepal

Shiva Dhara stands as the major attraction of Eastern Nepal resting inside the Makalu Barun National park. Shiva Dhara has many mysterious spots waiting to be explored, the hidden gem offers views of awe-inspiring landscapes. The pristine trails and delightful charming valleys makes the trek unique and rewarding. The renowned pilgrimage stands at an elevation of 4,310 meters. It is a dome like cave which is 500 meters in length.

Shiva Dhara trek holds a great spiritual significance to the pilgrims who are on their cultural journey. The majestic waterfall coming out of the stone roof is considered as the sacred tap of Lord Shiva. Hundreds of Pilgrims make an annual visit to this place on full moon day hoping to wash away their sins and be free from any kind of illness. They hold a strong belief that they will be blessed with skills and knowledge in this sacred place.

This holy sight is mostly covered in snow especially from October to March and almost the whole year. The path of Shiva Dhara is of extreme uphill and downhill and tricky making it as one of the difficult trekking destinations. The picturesque landscapes, beautiful waterfalls and lush forests stand out as the major attraction of the trek. Shiva Dhara is surrounded by greenery and the beautiful smell of the herbs, which makes the travelers feel that they are in a different world.

Shiva Dhara The Mysterious Gem of Eastern Nepal

Trekking in Shiva Dhara requires the assistance of a local guide to navigate the way. Being accompanied by the guide, listening to their stories and interacting with them will make you feel less tired and well-connected with the journey.

The cool and gentle wind felt in the way makes the journey of the travelers magical and mesmerizing allowing them to dwell in nature. The colorful prayer flags, enchanting view of traditional small villages and tea houses captivates the hearts of the travelers.

Trekkers have described this trek as challenging, scary yet exciting due to the thrill one gets throughout your journey. The stunning view and the serene atmosphere with each stop offering their unique charm makes the journey memorable and enjoyable.

This adventure is thrilling and full of spiritual encounters making you feel a deep connection with nature. The shrine is mostly visited by the Kirat, Hindu and Buddhist devotees. The base camp for Shiva Dhara is Yangle Kharka, a valley formed by the Barun River surrounded by rocky cliffs.

In this article let’s try to gain an understanding about The intriguing facts about Shiva Dhara, the underexplored beauty of Eastern Nepal.

1. Shiva Dhara is known as ‘The mysterious cave.’

Shiva Dhara is known as ‘The mysterious cave.’

The intriguing cave of Shiva Dhara holds a great significance for the pilgrims. It is strongly believed that the cave holds a divine power. There are two caves in this site, the cave on the left is known as Shiva, while the right one is known as Parbati.

Many devotees visit the shrine climbing over the rocky cliff because of their strong faith. It is said that the shape of Lord Buddha meditating is visible too in this site. People believe in the presence of mysterious power and energy in this site.

2. Shiva Dhara is described as ‘Hidden Heaven’ by the travelers.

Shiva Dhara is described as ‘Hidden Heaven’ by the travelers.

Shiva Dhara is the epitome of beauty. Many travelers have described this place as the ‘hidden heaven’ because of the astounding beauty. The route of Shiva dhara is filled with farmlands and small villages. The colorful prayer flags seen along the trail adds an extra touch of beauty.

Travelers need to pass through a suspension bridge above the rivers, the uphills are blessed with the bamboo and rhododendron forests. The crystal clear view of the Barun river is visible as you move upward. The view of the river is visually pleasing.

Crossing through the steep trails, many small lakes can be found. The beautiful green forests, waterfalls and breathtaking sceneries along the way have captivated the hearts of the travelers who described their journey as the most interesting by far. The place offers an enchanting view and makes you feel that you are in a whole different world.

The overnight stay in this enchanting place, enjoying the local food and witnessing the scenic beauty adds charm to the journey making it a memory of a lifetime. You may also witness Yaks near the tea house. The wooden small bridge above the river is aesthetically beautiful standing out as the paradise for the photographers. Many travelers have captured the beautiful pictures of the animals, especially Yaks and Goats they witnessed.

This beautiful place is a masterpiece and magnificent but very underexplored, so it is referred to as ‘hidden heaven’ by travelers.

3. The route of Shiva Dhara is blessed with gumbas and temples.

Shiva Dhara’s Trail is filled with the scent of herbs.

There are numerous gumbas and temples along the trail of Shiva Dhara as the place holds a great religious significance to the devotees.

The pristine site will allow you to get insights to the beliefs of locals. This idyllic site is full of prayer flags.

It is said that meditation helps people to reduce stress and develop more self awareness. Spiritual people even meditate and feel the utmost peace at this site.

The presence of gumbas and temples along the way is also one of the reasons for spiritual people to take this journey.

4. Shiva Dhara’s Trail is filled with the scent of herbs.

As you walk through the route, you will stumble across the aromatic herbs. The herbal scent enriches the atmosphere, takes the stress away and creates a tranquil ambience. The pleasant and sweet fragrance enhances the spirit and soothes the mind of the hikers.

You can experience this amazing feeling throughout your journey.

The beautiful smell of the herbs and woods boosts the mood and adds encouragement for the hikers to complete the journey.

5. The tunes of birds chirping along the path of Shiva Dhara creates a delightful atmosphere.

The tunes of birds chirping along the path of Shiva Dhara creates a delightful atmosphere.

It is said that sounds of nature are captivating, healing and calming. It requires both mental and physical strength for completing the trek successfully.

You will most likely feel weary and exhausted at a certain point throughout the journey. While on the trek one surely needs a break allowing themselves to feel the serenity of nature. Even scientific studies have shown that the music of birds has a positive impact on people. The melody of bird songs has a healing capacity.

You will hear the sounds of birds chirping along the route which will make you feel delighted and get immersed into the soothing melodies. The pleasant sound will allow you to feel a deep connection with nature, and feel its healing power.

6. Shiva Dhara offers you a chance to observe and get a glimpse of rural mountain life.

One of the major reasons for traveling is surely to gain a different perspective of life and also escape from the regular monotonous routine. Every destination has something different to offer. Shiva Dhara presents you a good opportunity to meet with local communities and witness the rural mountain life.

The lifestyle in the mountain is very different and peaceful and simple. The local communities have protected the culture and traditions for centuries. Interacting with the locals, getting to know about their daily lives and exchanging stories with each other is what makes traveling more engaging.

The tea houses in the mountainous region are known for being heartwarming and welcoming. You will also get to interact with the other travelers from different parts of the world and share about the experiences you gathered in the journey so far.

The warm reception of the locals will make your whole experience memorable and fulfill your heart.You can enjoy the organic food and enjoy the taste of the organic and local delicacies. The mornings in the mountain offering the warmth of sunlight is a treat to watch.

7. Shiva Dhara presents you with spectacular views of the Himalayan peaks.

The trail to Shiva Dhara offers panoramic views of the himalayan peaks. The route towards the Dobato will reward you with the enchanting view of Baruntse ( 6424) meters, Chamalang ( 7319) meters and other surrounding peaks. The natural beauty of Shiva Dhara is inexplicable in words. The pristine place is a hub of the wonders of nature.

You will come across the breathtaking view of the snow capped peaks as soon as you start the trek which will leave you speechless and overwhelmed. The sight of sunrise hitting the peak of the mountains making it turn golden will enrich your experience and touch your heart.

8. Trekking to Shiva Dhara is thrilling and adventurous.

Trekking to Shiva Dhara is thrilling and adventurous.

Shiva Dhara is a destination that provides thrill and adventure. It stands as the perfect place for you if you love adventure. The challenging terrains and passing through the rocky cliffs will be the best experience for hikers who mostly trek for the thrill.

There are many places around the Shiva Dhara region that are not discovered yet.The cool and fresh air you can feel throughout the journey will add more charm to your adventure. Climbing the rocky cliffs with the help of the iron rod takes the trek to a whole different level adding extra thrill to your trip.

9. Trekking to Shiva Dhara is demanding and challenging.

Trekking in Shiva Dhara is challenging which is extremely physically demanding. You need to maintain the stability throughout the journey for completing the trek successfully. It is highly recommended to take small breaks in the journey to avoid exhaustion.

The trail leads to climbing uphill which requires a lot of strength, the rocky cliff which needs to be climbed with the help of iron rods requires quite courage. This trek is definitely not easy and will test your patience.

10. Shiva Dhara offers a unique pathway.

The route of Shiva Dhara is blessed with gumbas and temples.

The trail is unique compared to other destinations as most of the trekking destinations, the mountains gradually approach as we ascend upward but this trail leads you to ascend uphill , and descend down and again ascend towards the uphills.

This journey is a unique adventure full of distinctive and challenging terrains. Many travelers have said that trekking in Shiva Dhara feels different from other destinations and is extremely heart fluttering.

This distinctive feature makes this place standout from the rest.The travelers find this very intriguing. The pictures of this stunning and unique landscape captivate the hearts of travelers.

11. Some paths in Shiva Dhara are mostly covered with snow.

Some paths in Shiva Dhara are mostly covered with snow

You may witness some areas covered with snow on the way, especially when you are nearing Shiva Dhara cave. The sight of the guides clearing the snow with their feet is not uncommon.

It may be a bit difficult for you to walk in the path covered with snow, it may be slippery and there may be a possibility of accidents on the way.

However, the well experienced guide will accompany you throughout the journey and inform you on details about how to pass the challenging paths.The guides

toil to ensure your safety throughout the trek.

12. Shiva Dhara offers stunning views of waterfalls melted from the snow.

Shiva Dhara offers you a chance to observe and get a glimpse of rural mountain life.

The sight of pristine waterfalls flowing through the cliffs is one of the major attractions of the trek.Your eyes will be blessed with the sight of cliffs with waterfalls which are formed from melted snow. It holds a great significance to the people as it is believed as the sacred tap of Lord Shiva.

The sight when the water falls on the snow ground is truly majestic and out of this world. The waterfall may sometimes splash over you making you feel as if you have been blessed by God.

13. Shiva Dhara is rich in cultural heritage.

Shiva Dhara is not only rich in beauty but also is a cultural gem. The local communities have their unique culture and are extremely proud to share them with the visitors.

Shiva Dhara is among the less visited destinations, but is extremely rich in culture. You will find the local traditional handicrafts and baskets which are aesthetically beautiful and be taken as souvenirs.

How Hard is the Shiva Dhara Trek?

How Hard is the Shiva Dhara Trek

Trekking to Shiva Dhara is quite difficult as you need to trek above the rocky cliffs. You must have a great amount of courage to choose Shiva Dhara as the trekking destination.It requires you to climb over the rock for 4- 5 hours. Climbing the cliff supported by the iron rod is especially daunting and you need to be extremely careful and climb the cliff slowly taking care of every step you take.

You are required to have a lot of patience and pay your attention to every detail in every step given by the guide. Ascending up to the cliff may take around four to six hours, but it also depends upon the ability.

Essentials required for Shiva Dhara Trek

List of the essential mountaineering gear, equipment, and items for the Makalu Expedition

Going on a trek there needs to be lots of preparation done beforehand. The essentials are required to ensure that trekking gets completed without any obstruction. Some of the most required essentials for Shiva Dhara Trek are as follows -:

  • Long sleeve Pants and T-Shirts
  • Slippers
  • Hiking Boots
  • Sunhats
  • Waterproof Jackets
  • Trekking shocks
  • Gloves
  • Undergarments
  • Trekking backpack
  • Water Bottle ( Reusable )
  • Light Pants
  • Trekking T-Shirts
  • Trekking Pants
  • Raincoats
  • Dried fruits
  • High Energy Snacks
  • Sanitizer
  • Tissues and Wet wipes
  • First aid box
  • Trekking Poles
  • Head Torch
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Locks
  • Mobile
  • Power Bank

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Shiva Dhara.

Some Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Shiva Dhara.

Where is Shiva Dhara located?

Shiva Dhara is located in the Sankhuwasabha inside the Makalu Barun National Park ( 8000m) in eastern Nepal.

Which is the ideal month for trekking in Shiva Dhara?

The ideal time for trekking in Shiva Dhara is from July to September.

What is the starting point of Shiva Dhara trek?

You will land in Tumlingtar airport, Khandbari first and then after a night rest you will proceed towards Num, which is the starting point of Shiva Dhara Trek.

What is the height of Shiva Dhara?

Shiva Dhara is situated at an elevation of 4310 meters.

What is the difficulty level of Shiva Dhara Trek?

Trekking up in Shiva Dhara is definitely very challenging, trekking above the rock is quite challenging however with the proper guidance of the locals will make your journey more contented.

In how many days will the Shiva Dhara Trek be completed?

It may take around 15- 16 days to complete the trek. However, it also depends on your walking speed and package of the trip you have opted for.

What is the total trekking hours per day of Shiva Dhara?

The trekking hour per day is typically 5 to 8 hours per day.

What are the main highlights of Shiva Dhara?

The stunning views of the Himalayas, the culturally significant ancient pilgrimage, the beautiful deep valleys and waterfalls are the major highlights of Shiva Dhara.

What is the most convenient mode of transportation to the departure point?

You can first go to Khandbari by flight or bus, rest overnight there and take a jeep up to Num.

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